Now offering travel planning assistance


It’s very easy to make your own travel itinerary these days thanks to the Internet. However, not everyone has the time and/or inclination for it.

I’m obviously not one of those people, so I’m offering my services as a travel researcher/ itinerary planner. It’s really one of the things I enjoy doing the most. What started out as a hobby, soon became something I did for others in my immediate circle, so I thought, why not offer it online as well.

My packages are currently available at Fiverr. I’ve seen others offering help with itinerary making as well, with such a fast turnaround that I really doubt if the travel itineraries are tailor-made for the customer. I’m dedicated to giving everyone the best travel advice I can because travel is such a passion of mine that I want people to enjoy their vacations as much as I do mine.

Let’s see how this works out.

If you’re interested, please do check out my travel itinerary packages here.


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