Malasimbo 2017

Bras Pas Pas Pas Pas
Malasimbo 2017

From March 10-12, two of my friends and I were in the island of Mindoro for the annual Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. How I managed to catch up and reach Puerto Galera is a separate adventure I’ll tell another time but somehow, someway, I did reach the venue in time to experience the whole three days of the festival.

My friend Krystal had bought the tickets back in December when the early bird tickets were released, and she made arrangements for accommodations in White Beach as well. White Beach is closest to Mt. Malasimbo so it made the most sense to stay there.

The musical acts, both local and foreign, were topnotch, the venue was amazing, and it was overall an incredible experience. Just imagine three nights of good music on top of a mountain, surrounded by interesting art installations. The stage is in the middle of a natural amphitheater and everyone was free to dance or just simply chill where they sat. The whole vibe was pretty laidback.

Blue fringe. Art installation at Malasimbo
DJs all in a row

The most interesting part for me was the Silent Disco, which had its own space towards the back of the venue. You line up for special headphones, and pick one of three DJs to listen to. The DJs are all in front, playing next to each other. It’s really funny to watch people randomly dancing as you wait for your headphones, but it’s even better once you’re part of the crowd. I’m gonna try and find another event like that one of these days.

March full moon

There’s been talks that this will be the last festival. It did seem like Saturday was the only night that was packed. I didn’t see much publicity for the event this year either. Hopefully it’s not the last because it really is a good concept. I almost didn’t make it at all, but I’m so glad that I did. It was nice to get a break from the city with good music in an amazing venue.

Mindoro sky
Rainbow at sunset upon reaching the shuttle’s unloading area.

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