No more Azure Window

The iconic Azure Window

The famous Azure Window in Malta has apparently been completely destroyed by heavy storms. It’s a rock formation that forms a square-ish arch out in the ocean, forming a picturesque “window.”

Malta was the first country my boyfriend and I visited as a couple. It was also my first holidays away from home. Like all Germans, the boyf hated cold weather, so when I went looking for a European destination that wasn’t too cold in December, Malta fit the bill.

It had an old-world charm that was perfect for pictures, and most of the population was Catholic, which to me meant that at least I’ll get to see Christmas celebrated since I was missing out on snow and pine trees.

Valletta, the capital of Malta

We certainly took our time exploring Malta, especially since it was considered off-season, and I feel like I really got to know the place. When we finally made our way to Malta’s sister island Gozo, the Azure Window was of course the main attraction. It was an overcast day though and extremely windy.

Gozo is just a short ferry ride away from the main island and the Azure Window is on the west, on the opposite side of the island from where you get off the ferry. While Gozo has its own charm, it’s less populated than Malta and certainly looks nearly deserted in December. I can imagine it more lively in the summer months, with the many beachfront timeshares occupied with Italian and British sun-worshippers and divers.

I feel like it’s such a shame for the country to lose its most iconic landmarks, and for Gozo in particular, because it really was the most unique attraction it had to offer. Old towns, cathedrals and beaches can also be found in the main island of Malta, and Azure Window, especially with its being located in the western part of the island, was really the main reason tourists get to explore Gozo at all.



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