Picture hodgepodge: Sagada-Banaue and Dumaguete


I was working on a project that involved extremely quick trips from Sagada to Banaue and to Dumaguete City. Here are a few snaps from the North:

And from the South:

It was my first time in Sagada and I will definitely make time for a proper trip someday. It was my second trip in Dumaguete though and I have to say a lot has changed. The commercial establishments seems to have doubled. Our driver said there’s no more off-season in Dumaguete because people who want to go to Oslob for the whalesharks have discovered that it’s easier to make the trip via Dumaguete, where it only takes about 45 minutes, compared to the 4-hour land trip from Cebu City. Interesting.

We don’t normally have a lot of opportunities to work out of town these days, either due to budget constraints or time constraints so I enjoyed it, even though it was absolutely one of the most tiring projects ever.


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