Happy New Year!


So I’ve done quite a bit of travelling all over the Philippines since the holidays, and have only been back in Manila for a grand total of 13 hours.

Before Christmas I went to get the boyfriend in Baguio, then spent a week in the little surf town of San Juan, La Union, with a little side-trip to the neighboring capital, San Fernando.

After Christmas and over New Year’s Eve, I went with some people I went to high school with for a tour of the northern part of Luzon. In four days, we managed to do the whole Vigan-Paoay-Pagudpud route aboard an extremely fast private van. I had no hand in planning that trip, and as I only had a vague idea of where anything was in the north, I didn’t really have a clue what was next until we managed to get there.

The windmills of my mind, I mean Bangui.

And then the boyfriend was back and we were off to Palawan. Our main purpose was El Nido, but since he had never been to the Underground River before, we flew into Puerto Princesa first. PP has gotten so much bigger than when I was last there some 10 years ago and the roads, especially going to UR and El Nido have vastly improved. It was still a long drive to El Nido, but it’s so worth it!

Sometimes you make plans but the weather says, “nope.” It’s all good.

Our original plan was to take all Tours A, B, C, and D, since we were staying so long. Unfortunately, there was a typhoon, and even though Palawan was never directly hit, the coastguard does tend to cancel tours when the weather’s bad. So all we managed was Tour A with a 3pm cutoff for the boats to be back in town, which meant no Shimizu Island, and no Secret Lagoon. But there were still lots to do, and we ended up enjoying Nacpan Beach, Corong-Corong/Marimegmeg (such funny names), and the secluded Tapik Beach and outlaying islands just as much.

Watching my final sunset in El Nido from Las Cabanas beach resort.

I pretty much have my work cut out for me updating this blog the next couple of weeks. There will be videos! Just how soon is up for debate.


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