Life update!

I have not abandoned this blog. I was just super busy the past two months, wrapping things up with work for the year in preparation for a little vacation time in January.

So, good news: the boyfriend’s here! Showed him around Makati for what little energy he had after a long trip and an even longer layover. We both had some obligations for work and family that we had to fulfil separately for a few days, then I fetched him in Baguio City. I haven’t been up there in years, which is weird because I used to have spontaneous overnight trips there all the time.

Then we had nearly a week in La Union, surfing, chilling by the beach, and exploring the food scene a little in San Juan and San Fernando.

I’m back in Manila for Christmas with my family but I’m going to be even farther north in a few days for New Year’s Eve in Vigan with friends from high school. No boyfriend this time as he has family stuff, but then we travel again to Palawan during my leave. So lots of short-ish-distance travel in my immediate future, which is good because I badly need a break from everything.

Next update will be a video I put together from our La Union trip so keep an eye out for that!

UPDATE: Video is now here.


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