Uber drivers overly dependent on Waze

I have gotten fed up with dealing with disrespectful taxi drivers, so I’ve finally sworn to only take Uber from now on. Not getting aggravated with each ride is worth the little extra I have to pay.

I used to only have the Grab app on my phone, and at first, I was quite happy with Grab Car. But it quoted me 1k for a trip to Megamall from Makati once, which is ridiculous, so I ended up installing Uber. I started comparing prices between the two apps the first few weeks, and Uber always quoted the lower price. I’ve used Uber ever since.

What I have noticed about Uber drivers though is their very heavy reliance on Waze to navigate. That’s where you really miss the experience of most old-school cab drivers. Waze has conked out a few times while on the road, and the poor Uber drivers were just helpless. I’ve had to navigate the rest of the way.

It’s not just Uber drivers who have gotten dependent on Waze. Regular drivers are guilty of this too. And it’s really sad. Know your city. Waze is a very nice tool, but people should mostly depend on it for traffic information. Knowing to navigate without the app should still be everyone’s goal. I’ve got two words for you: Mercury Retrograde.


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