Map of WiFi passwords in airports around the world

Apparently, someone made a nifty map of the airport WiFi passwords around the globe. And it even gets updated regularly.

Granted it’s simple enough to just ask once you’re there. But if you’re like me, and you have a tendency to get assigned to the very last boarding gate that’s the farthest away from your point of origin as possible without actually leaving the airport, that you have to run in case you miss your connecting flight, then make it with plenty of time to spare (because you were that paranoid and therefore, running very fast) only to realize that the information desk with the WiFi password is way back there, a few centimeters away from whence you came, and that it’s not only too late to go back, but it’s also impossible because you already passed some kind of point-of-no-return barrier, then this map will come in pretty handy. Let’s just call that previous run-on sentence Bangkok Layover 2013.


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