video VIDEO: Exploring a few islands in the South

Sometime late 2015, we explored a few islands in the South. My friend Gloria had settled in Camiguin and put up a bed and breakfast in their home. The trip was planned around Camiguin and had the following itinerary:

  • Cagayan de Oro (briefly)
  • Camiguin
  • Butuan (briefly)
  • Cebu
  • Dumaguete
  • Siquijor
  • Dumaguete

I managed to make a video out of the random videos we took during that trip using my laptop’s iMovie. I realized later on that most of the vids were taken while we were in transit: on ferries, buses, motorcycles, and tricycles. Videos from actual attractions were left in the boyf’s camera and the files were too big to send to me by the time we realized it.

Oh well. Maybe there’s be a Part 2 someday.


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