VIDEO: The hills are alive!

Ok, so there are many many reasons for me to love Bavaria: beer, Mats Hummels playing for Munich, beer, Neuschwanstein Castle, and beer. One thing that I was absolutely thrilled with was the region’s resemblance to some locations from The Sound of Music, particularly the opening, where Maria sings the theme.

Yes, that movie was sent in Austria, and Switzerland at the end, but I’ve never been to either country, and the Southernmost region of Germany was close enough. I remember reading somewhere that they did in fact film the “hills” scenes in Germany (the rest in Salzburg, Austria), but I haven’t confirmed that information. (1 hr later, it checks out. The opening scenes were shot inĀ Marktschellenberg in Bavaria.)

So I hope you enjoy this funny little video I put together. The place with the musicians is Hofbraeu Haus in Munich.


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